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Montana Collaborative Professionals- Divorce Differently

October 2nd & 3rd: Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training Join Montana Collaborative Professionals to learn the power of the team model for...

T. Hunter Lewis to Speak at Dallas Bar Association’s first-ever Technology Summit

T. Hunter Lewis will be speaking at an upcoming program at the Belo Mansion on September 13th – The Dallas Bar...

Family Violence: A Protective Order Could Save You From Being a Victim, on blog

Family Violence: A Protective Order Could Save You From Being a Victim

She apologized… He had hit her in the face, knocking her unconscious… And she apologized. That very often is what happens...

Substance abuse and divorce, on blog

Substance Abuse and Divorce

Often, unhappy marriages lead to the use of substances as a means of coping. Alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs are...

What is my divorce going to cost? on blog

What is my divorce going to cost?

How much will my divorce cost?  It is one of the first questions I’m asked when meeting with a client for...

what you should know if you are considering divorce, on blog

What You Should Know If You Are Considering Divorce

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. Emotions are likely to be intense on both sides, which makes it...

Post divorce checklist- very important once your divorce is finalized- on blog

Post Divorce Checklist

There are many important items to consider when your divorce is final. Managing them all by yourself can feel overwhelming. Use the following checklist to determine key tasks that may need to be completed as you begin moving forward financially. 

Deciding to divorce, not a quick or easy decision, on blog

Deciding to Divorce: Not a Quick or Easy Decision

The decision to begin the divorce process can be frightening and the unknown overwhelming. In working with couples in divorce situations, it has been our experience that either one or both of them have known that the marriage was over for some time.

If is not not in writing it didn't happen, advice for parents dealing with school issues- on blog

If It Is Not In Writing It Didn’t Happen

Parents tell me every day what a teacher or principal told them. Sometimes what I hear is shocking. Oftentimes I hear something that does not match what the law requires. But when it comes time to prove it, it becomes a "he said – she said" match, which rarely ends well for parents.

Your pets in a divorce, addressed on blog

Not Always Free to a Good Home – Your Pets in a Divorce

In the event you or someone you know are thinking about a divorce, consider what you want to do about your pets.  While there is no standard possession schedule for pets after divorce, a skilled family law attorney can help you navigate the divorce process, weighing the facts that would lead to a favorable outcome.