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We offer experienced and compassionate legal representation to clients facing a wide array of family law matters.


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Divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of a person’s life. All too often, divorce is emotionally stressful, financially taxing and physically draining. At Duffee + Eitzen LLP, we will help guide you through each step of the divorce process. By taking the time to truly listen to, and understand, the things that are important to you, we will help protect what you value most. Whether you have a complex estate or just need a simple divorce, we will answer all of your questions and educate you about your legal rights, responsibilities, and options.

Unfortunately, children are heavily impacted by divorce. We will help minimize the stress you and your children feel during your divorce while ensuring your legal rights are protected. We recognize that, often times, a traditional, litigated divorce is not in the best interest of our clients or their families. We also know that the effects of litigation can cause strain on family relationships that linger well beyond the divorce process itself. That is why it is critical to have our experienced and compassionate attorneys on your side.

Here at Duffee + Eitzen LLP, we will attempt to settle your case out of court, in an amicable manner. Whether it’s a collaborative divorce, mediation or an informal settlement process, our aim is to get you divorced as quickly and amicably as possible, while accomplishing your goals and protecting your family.

However, there are some situations that necessitate litigation. In those instances, you need an attorney that isn’t afraid to try your case. Our lawyers have the knowledge and the proven trial skills to help you achieve your legal goals. And while we can never predict a trial outcome, we can promise you that our trial preparation and performance are second-to-none.

We will also be here for you, in the years that follow the completion of your divorce case, to address any post-divorce modification issues you may have; such as spousal maintenance, child custody, child support, parenting time, parent relocations, visitation rights and more.

Why Collaborative Law Divorce May Be Right For You

Many people face the prospect of divorce with fear, anger, and mixed emotions. Much of it is due to concern over court battles, the belief that they will be taken advantage of, and not knowing what to expect. In many cases, collaborative law divorce is a better approach.

An amicable divorce is better for both spouses. With assistance from your attorney and other professionals, spouses can reach agreements without unnecessary friction and conflict. This will eliminate the need for court action.

When both spouses cooperate in collaborative law divorce, it is also better for the children. Children benefit greatly when their parents cooperate with each other in resolving differences.

When couples divorce, it can be a traumatic experience for their children. While your child may be troubled over his family breaking up, dealing with your divorce in a respectful manner will make it less painful and less confusing for the child. When he sees his parents treating each other respectfully, he will have a sense of security and peace of mind.

Time and expense are additional reasons to consider this approach to divorce. As standard divorce can take a long period of time to resolve, it can take much of your time and money. You can avoid these difficulties when you and your spouse decide to cooperate with each other and settle the divorce with the simplest method.

It is easier for both spouses and their children to look toward the future and move ahead with their lives. Instead of lingering bitterness, everyone can have a sense of satisfaction and hope for the future.

Divorce is never easy, but you can take the approach that is in the best interest of everyone in your family. You can start by contacting Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P for an appointment to discuss collaborative law divorce.

Divorces can be the largest and most complex business deal a person will ever be involved in. Other than children, few things are as important to a person going through a divorce than their assets.

Accurate characterization of property as separate or community property, and proper valuation of that property, are essential in a divorce case. Often times, to prove, or disprove, a separate property claim, you will have to employ a method known as tracing of assets. Tracing of assets can be a crucial component in protecting your assets.

Complex property division cases require lawyers with experience, knowledge, and resources. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen LLP regularly handle complex property division cases and work with real estate professionals, business valuators, tax professionals, financial planners, accountants, tracing professionals, and appraisers to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and they receive a just and right division of their property.

Child custody is one of the most important and emotionally difficult issues in family law. Known as “conservatorship” in the Texas Family Code, child custody issues are often one of the central conflicts parents will face when they separate. Issues that are typically addressed in child custody case.

  • Which party will have primary custody and possession of the child(ren)
  • Each party’s parental rights and duties, such as the right to make educational decisions and/or medical decisions on behalf the child(ren)
  • The possession schedule of the child(ren)
  • Which party will pay child support and the amount of support that will be paid
  • The geographic area the child(ren) will reside in
  • How the parties will pay for the expenses of the child(ren)

Texas courts make decisions in child custody cases based on what is in the best interest of the child(ren). Additionally, courts can take into account factors such as drug addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues, criminal backgrounds and even in some situations, the preference of the child(ren), when making decisions in child custody cases. It is paramount to your case that your attorney knows, and understands, the complex provisions of the Texas Family Code. Equally important is that your attorney is able to convey to you what your legal rights and options are for your specific child custody situation.

At Duffee + Eitzen LLP, our experienced family law attorneys are well aware that resolving issues concerning children can be a very emotional and difficult process. Though we are advocates of using collaborative law, mediation and another other methods of alternative dispute resolution in custody cases, we are well aware that sometimes, aggressive litigation is needed to resolve the issues at hand.

No two child custody cases are the same and here at Duffee + Eitzen LLP, we will take the time to learn what is most important to you. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you and your family during your time of need. Contact us today to discuss your situation and to learn how our attorneys can help you and your family during this challenging time in your life.

The nature of children is that they are constantly growing and changing. When the circumstances of a party change, the need for a modification may arise. A modification can make changes to an existing court order based on the changes of the needs of the parties. Modifications typically address changes such as:

  • Changing conservatorship (e.g. the party entitled to primary possession of the child);
  • Changes to parental rights and duties;
  • Changes to the possession schedule of the child;
  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of child support paid for the child; and/or
  • Changes to the geographic area the child will reside in.

Best interest of the child is always the primary consideration in Texas family courts. In order to modify an existing court order, there must be a material and substantial change in the circumstances of the parties. This burden of proof was created to prevent the constant re-litigation of cases involving children. However, once this threshold is met, the courts consider various factors in determining whether to modify an existing court order.

At Duffee + Eitzen LLP, our family law attorneys are experienced enough to understand the legal issues surrounding modifications. We are able to offer various methods of resolving issues including settlement negotiation and mediation, but we are also able to provide aggressive litigation, should that become necessary. At Duffee + Eitzen LLP, we take the time to understand the uniqueness of each case and client and we work together as a team to craft creative solutions to best meet our client’s needs.

Contact us today to discuss your situation and to learn how our attorneys can help.

Whether you and your spouse are seeking a divorce and need help with the division of joint assets and child custody issues or you’re facing a number of other family law problems, you can get the help you need by consulting with the professionals at Duffee & Eitzen L.L.P. The attorneys you’ll find here can assist with marital and premarital agreements, cohabitation agreements, annulment, common law marriage, emancipation of minors and more. With their help, you can be sure that each person in your family is given fair and feasible access to the resources, care and support that he or she needs. You can also protect the financial interests of both you and your loved ones.

Order Enforcement And Contempt Of Court

Among some of the other family law issues that Duffee & Eitzen are qualified to handle are enforcement and contempt of court. If you have an existing support order already in place but have not been collecting according to this binding agreement, your attorney can help you hold the other party accountable for his or her financial obligations. This can have a significant impact on your life quality and on the life qualities of any minor children that you are responsible for.

Getting Ready For Matrimony

Attorneys can also help couples make long-term plans to protect themselves and their individual financial interests before tying the knot. These professionals can assist in drafting premarital and marital agreements that protect both parties against extreme and unnecessary loss in the event of separation. Having these in place alleviates much of the financial tension that people often feel when making this major and life-altering commitment.

When dealing with unpaid spousal or child support or some other family law issue, seeking qualified help is the best way to get a swift and acceptable solution. Your provider can help you take appropriate action for ensuring that court orders are honored or for getting the appropriate court orders in place. Ultimately, attorneys can help you navigate the many complex legal processes that family law often entails with optimal success.

Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P. is a law firm that is focused on providing its clients with the highest level of legal services and solutions personalized to the client’s needs. This firm serves clients located in Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, and surrounding areas and provides pre nup/post pre nup services.

Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. employs a group of the most experienced attorneys that have diverse backgrounds and a solid knowledge of the legal field.

The attorneys at the firm have a passionate and aggressive approach to resolving disputes for their clients. This approach, paired with the full-service resources of the firm, allow the attorneys to be capable of handling any situation including mediation and even the most complex litigation situation.

Along with being versed in pre nup/post pre nup law, the firm is trained to handle collaborative law and alternative ways of dispute resolution. The lawyers at Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P. strive to work as a cohesive unit in order to spend time assessing the legal issues and implications of each and every case. The attorneys also encourage productive discussions with their clients so that the attorneys can make sure the client understands.

The attorneys at Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. have a superior knowledge of the law, proficiency in research and legal writing, experience in trials, training in alternative ways to dispute, collaborative law, stellar resources, and implementation of the latest technology.

If you are looking for a high-quality law firm that practices pre nup/post pre nup law, Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. is the practice for you. The firm has a wide range of legal services and resources that are available to clients. You can rest assured that the attorneys at Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. have the knowledge, experience, training, and resources necessary to handle any legal issue or situation that you may be facing.

Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P. is a same sex family law firm that is focused on providing its clients with the highest level of legal services and solutions personalized to the client’s needs. This firm serves clients located in Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, and surrounding areas.

Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. employs a group of the most experienced attorneys that have diverse backgrounds and a solid knowledge of the legal field.

The attorneys at the firm have a passionate and aggressive approach to resolving disputes for their clients. This approach, paired with the full-service resources of the firm, allow the attorneys to be capable of handling any situation including mediation and even the most complex litigation situation.

Along with being versed in same sex family law, the firm is trained to handle collaborative law and alternative ways of dispute resolution. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P. strive to work together as a cohesive unit in order to spend time assessing the legal issues and implications of each and every case. The attorneys also encourage productive discussions with their clients while speaking in a way that is easily understood.

The attorneys at Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. have a superior knowledge of the law and legal precedents, proficiency in research and legal writing, extensive experience in trials, training in alternative ways to dispute issues, collaborative law, superior resources, and implementation of the latest and greatest available technology.

If you are looking for a high quality law firm that practices same sex family law, Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P. is the place for you. There are a wide range of legal services and resources that are available to clients. You can rest assured that the attorneys at Duffee +Eitzen L.L.P. have the knowledge, experience, training, and resources necessary to handle any legal issue or situation that you may be facing.

Come mediate with Lisa Greenwood Duffee or Melinda H. Eitzen.

You can schedule full or half day mediations in our Oak Lawn office or, for your convenience, we will come to you and mediate in your lawyer’s office. Lisa and Melinda use their skills from years of litigation and collaboration to settle even the toughest cases through creative problem solving and option development.

What is mediation? Mediation is a process where persons are given an opportunity to resolve their differences and make their own agreements with the assistance of a neutral mediator.

Is the mediator like a Judge? No, the mediator is not a decision maker but a settlement facilitator.

If we settle is it binding? Yes, with some rare exceptions, if you reach an agreement at mediation and sign it and it is filed with the Court it is binding.

To schedule your mediation, call us at 214-416-9010.


Few relationships are as precious as the one between a grandparent and their grandchild. Often times, grandparents are very involved in the lives of their grandchildren. Whether it’s attending school functions, sporting events, or even handling day-to-day child raising, grandparents can play an integral part of a child’s life.

However, the grandparent-grandchild relationship can be restricted or eliminated because of divorce, separation, or the death of one of the child’s parents. Additionally, a parent might refuse a grandparent access to a child due to a strained relationship between that parent and the grandparent. No matter the reason behind it, when a grandparent is unable to spend time with their grandchild, that grandparent is often left feeling helpless.

In Texas, a grandparent’s right to visit their grandchild is not automatically granted to the grandparent. As a result of recent court decisions and changes to the Texas Family Code, the court’s power to allow grandparent visitation is limited. In most cases, the child’s parents are the ones who get to decide whether their child spends time with a grandparent. If one or both parents refuse to allow the visitation, this is often enough to justify denial of the grandparent’s request.

However, all hope is not lost for grandparents seeking access of their grandchildren. A grandparent may be awarded visitation, in certain circumstances, based on their relationship with their grandchild and their involvement in their grandchild’s life. The grandparent will need to show the court that they have a significant relationship with their grandchild, and that formal recognition of the right to visitation would be in the child’s best interest.

In addition, granting custody to a grandparent is often the best situation for the child if that child’s parent(s) cannot provide a safe, stable home environment. Often times, grandparents are the ones raising their grandchildren due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment by the child’s parent(s). In order to prevent an unfit parent from taking the child back, and thus exposing to child to a dangerous situation, the grandparent should seek a court order that gives the grandparent the right to possession of the child. In cases where a grandparent is seeking custody of the child, it is vital to demonstrate the grandparent’s fitness and commitment to the well-being of their grandchildren, while simultaneously demonstrating that the child’s parent(s) cannot adequately provide for that child’s needs.

Contact us today for more information about potentially establishing your rights to a grandchild or how to respond to a grandparent’s attempt to establish rights to your child.

Parents and students have many rights and protections at school. Sometimes, schools do not honor these rights and protections. Our attorneys have helped many students and families with issues ranging from special education advocacy, discipline, college discipline, obtaining records, admission, expulsion, 504 services, truancy, evaluations, ARD meetings, IEP analysis, discrimination, bullying and much more.

Our clients include students attending public schools, private schools, colleges, homeschools, and charter schools. We never represent schools. Our attorneys have years of experience working in education administration and special education and now use that knowledge to work to get our clients fast resolutions.

Education issues often involve multiple Federal statutes, Federal regulations, Texas statutes, Texas regulations, and local school board or college policies. School administrators go through years of training and regularly consult with attorneys when responding to issues at school. Parents and students frequently feel overwhelmed and outmatched when they find themselves at a conference table surrounded by school officials who seem to have predetermined how they want things to turn out.

Many of your rights must be exercised within certain, short time limits. Contact us today to make sure that you understand your rights before you sign them away!


Can Help You

Duffee + Eitzen LLP is a family law firm with offices in Plano and Dallas, Texas. Our firm offers effective legal representation to clients in many ways. Some of the things we can help you with are inheritance matters, dispute resolution, child custody and property settlement. Note that we also work with couples to ensure that matters are resolved amicably without going to court. In cases where civil litigation cannot be avoided, our major consideration is the happiness of our client. We have a compassionate approach to legal matters and always empathize with our clients.

The Personal Touch

At Duffen +Eitzen LLP, we believe that every client is special. We take a personal approach to each case and handle matters according to the peculiar circumstances of the case. This keeps our clients happy and ensures that we always get the best for them.

Finally, we have the resources and experience to give you the best in family law representation. We handle cases in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and beyond.

Just give us a call and we can discuss ways to help you and your family and find out more about civil litigation assistance.



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George Shake Partner
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Duffee + Eitzen Seminars

Presentation Topics

From the American Bar, to a corporation over lunch

Special Education

A guide to Special Education Law, what the school systems aren’t telling you, and how to protect the interests of your child by D+E Partner George Shake.

Collaborative Law

Melinda Eitzen, author, and expert on Collaborative Divorce gives tailored presentations educating professionals on this new area of law.

Children with Disabilities

 This presentation is to educate you on understanding how the rules of Family Law can differ when disputes involve a child with disabilities. 

Upcoming Events

Presentations by the team of Duffee + Eitzen for a range of professionals. Red indicates a full session.


Presentations by the team of Duffee + Eitzen for Mental Health Professionals

Fall lunch seminars designed for mental health professionals
Each one will be held on a Thursday or Friday in our Dallas Office from 11-12:30 pm and will include a free lunch along with the free seminar. If you know of another MHP that could use this information but we haven’t connected with, please feel free to pass on this invitation to any mental health professional. We can come to you!

How to comply in the family law world and how to handle subpoenas and information requests from family lawyers.

MHP Collaborative

How MHPs participate in collaborative cases as a team member, child specialist or therapist and tips regarding same.


A Lawyer’s Guide for how to survive cross-examination in court for Mental Health Professionals

Custom Seminars

We are constantly writing new seminars and we can come to you! Email us today, if you and at least 5 colleagues would like us to come to you for a custom presentation!


Hear From Our Clients

“Just want you to know I am so relieved and so happy. I’ve been doing backflips the whole night. Thank you!”

– R.E

I wanted to drop a note to you & your team and express my thanks for all of your hard work, diligence, professionalism, and guidance on my divorce process. I couldn’t have done it with the success it was without you all!!  I appreciate you!    If only your office was closer, I would bring you a cheesecake in appreciation!!

S.C. -

“[I] have used this firm three times. Alex has represented me twice. He did a great job both times. Melinda did a great job as well.”

M.C. -

“Just want you to know I am so relieved and so happy. I’ve been doing backflips the whole night. Thank you!”

R.E. -

“Grant Frankfurt! Grant Frankfurt handled my long, frustrating divorce with a professionalism that exceeded all of my expectations. Grant is extremely knowledgeable, both about the law and life. It was a pleasure to work with Grant and the rest of the Law Firm through my difficult endeavor. The best things in life are worth paying for, right? “

R.M. -

I was made to feel like my case was important to Melinda.

J.A. -

Melinda, thank you for speaking at the Law Practice Management meeting on Monday. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation. I took away several good tips to help improve my practice. Thank you for taking the time away from your practice to help the attendees improve theirs.

B.H. -

Thanks again for your support and terrific negotiating skills during Mediation. It was a very difficult day, but one that I am happy to have behind me. You are amazing!

A.T. -

Melinda’s advice was spot on and helped achieve the desired results.

J.J. & D.J -

I have had people say things that would make me distrust my legal representation, but I stick by my God-led decisions, good or bad, come hell or high-water. It had to be the Eitzen at Duffee + Eitzen. I talked to other lawyers, I told myself I was going to go with someone else, and I just couldn’t. So in my Lifetime for women movie, they will have to get someone smart and beautiful to play Angel and Melinda, who were the champions that righted a horrible injustice before I moved forward to help it from happening to other idiots like myself.

M.L. -

[Melinda]Thank you for working so hard on our case. It truly means the world to us. We have finally been blessed with you in our lives, doing the incredible work that you do. You have changed the way we view attorneys, in such a positive way.

N.R. & C.R. -

Melinda’s patient approach and overall expertise were critical to a resolution in this matter.

M.B. -

[Melinda] I am so thankful for you and your team. Word of mouth goes a long way and I know who I will be using in the future if the need arises. Thanks again!

C.D & D.D -

Melinda, thank you for all the support and effort you put into the resolution of my marriage. I believe we did a wonderful job at coming to a fair solution for all parties involved and I could not have done it without you.

G.E. -

I never had to hire an attorney until I found myself getting divorced. As a stay home mom with three young children and an unexpected divorce in my lap, I wanted an attorney who had experience with divorce and the family court system. I wanted an attorney and staff that would understand the emotional process as well as the legal process. I feared I would not find a firm who made me feel like they had any skin invested in my legal and emotional welfare. Lisa and her staff eased these fears by going the extra mile to make me feel as though they were attempting to walk in my shoes during the process. I have been divorced over 5 years now and have needed her services for various other legal actions. At times I have needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to me vent. I always know with this team it feels like I have someone fighting my battles as they would fight for themselves.

C.M. -

Thank you, Melinda. Many thanks to you and Lindy for all your help through this difficult process. Couldn’t have done it without you.

D.S. -

Thank you! Melinda, you’re incredible. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you!

L.W. -

After a three year divorce process and facing more post divorce legal challenges, I changed attorneys and hired Lisa Duffee of Duffee + Eitzen. In contrast to my prior attorneys, Lisa Duffee’s representation was proactively aggressive instead of passive. She pressed for reimbursement of attorney’s fees and succeeded in getting The Court to order my ex-husband to pay the fees. When he defaulted on agreements, she held my ex-husband accountable before the court and did not give him grace, as my prior attorneys had done multiple times. She listened to me, heard me and acted with conviction on my behalf. Lisa treated me with respect and showed compassion for my situation. Lisa fought for me. She billed me fairly and restored my belief that competent, client loyal attorneys really did exist and they could represent a client effectively without leaving them financially emaciated. Lisa was unfaltering in her care and commitment to me and my legal situation. I am extremely in debt to Peggy Richard, the Duffee and Eitzen paralegal who worked in tandem with Lisa. Peggy is exceptionally qualified, resourceful, highly intelligent, detail oriented, compassionate and committed. After working with Lisa and Peggy, I now believe my biggest regret regarding my divorce process is that I did not hire Duffee and Eitzen initially.

N.S. -

[Melinda] thanks so much for your help. This would not have happened without your expertise, commitment, and compassion!

F.W. -

Melinda and her team were fantastic in handling my family law case. Utilizing her knowledge of the collaborative process made my particular case go as smooth as possible. Communication was easy and professional. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Eitzen to friends and family.

A.M. -

For anyone unfortunately going through the divorce process, I cannot recommend Lisa and her amazing staff enough. I truly was able to relax during the process knowing that my best interest was first and foremost Lisa’s priority. She fought for me, she guided me, she reassured me, she consoled me and took control over a situation, that for me, was completely out of control. I was able to focus on my children during this painful process, my own health and happiness, and all because worrying about my representation was the last thing on my mind. I KNEW I was in the best hands in Dallas! I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to my divorce. The results were amazing and the process smooth and efficient

D.B. -

George, first of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you have done, along with the paralegals and the rest of the staff. You made this process as easy as possible and I am grateful for your direction and sincerity. –B.C.

B.C. -

Melinda is very professional, sensitive, caring, and demonstrates that she will obtain results for her clients. She has outstanding skills in collaborative law. I highly endorse Melinda Eitzen. Thank you.

T.W. -

[Melinda Eitzen] To a person I will NEVER forget both professionally and personally. I can see you now at the head of your conference room table playing the magic of collaborative law. I also liked very much your “numbers” guy! Best wishes for continued growth in your practice.

W.W. -

Melinda Eitzen and George Shake did a good job handling my case.   I felt comfortable with this office from day one and appreciate everything they did for me.  Thank you for a positive outcome.

A.G. -


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